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Applicant for an AFI RATING (Aeroplane) will be required to undergo an approved course of training for the grant of the rating and to pass an AFI Rating Flight Test and oral ground examination conducted by an Authorized Flying Instructor Examiner (FIE). This course must be satisfactorily completed within a period of 4 months from the date on which the training commence.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • Two hundred (200) hours of flight time, of which not less than one hundred fifty (150) hours should be as pilot in command (PIC) if the candidate holds a CPL or ATPL.
  • Meet DCA requirements for CPL level knowledge.
  • Hold a ICAO level 4 aviation english certificate recognized by DCA.
  • Thirty (30) hours on single engine piston aircraft of which five (5) hours should have been during the six (6) months preceding the pre entry test.
  • Ten (10) hours of Instrument Flying (IF) instruction of which not more than five (5) hours may be in a simulator (FNPT 2)
  • Letter of approval from the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) Malaysia. [Sample Letter].

Course Duration

The course duration is minimum fifteen (15) weeks.

Ground Training

Ground Training covers forty (40) hours of tuition, seventy eight (78) hours of teaching practice and seven (7) hours of ground tests.

Flight Training

The course consists a minimum of thirty one (31) hours of single engine flying.